Imperial Saints of Byzantium

Let’s play a little game! Which are the „Byzantine” imperial figures venerated as saints by the Eastern Orthodox? My initial research of „popular” sources returned the following names, in the chronological order of their ruling, and with calendar days between brackets. They may be more…


Empress Irene
Empress Irene

Constantine the Great
–and mother Helena (May 21)
Placilla (Aelia Flavia Flacilla), wife of St. Theodosius I (Sep 14)
Theodosius I the Great (Jan 17)
Arcadius (Aug 27)
Theodosius II (Jul 29)
Eudocia, of Athens, wife of Theodosius II (Aug 13)
Pulcheria, empress (Feb 7, Aug 7 and Oct 10)
Leo I (May 29)
Marciana, wife of Justin I (Jan 27)
Justinian I the Great (Aug 2, Nov 14 and 15)
–and wife Theodora (Nov 14 and 15)
Maurice (Nov 28)

John III Vatatzes of Nicaea
John III Doukas Vatatzes

Constantine III (Sep 3)
Justinian II (Aug 2)
Irene, empress (Aug 7)
Theodora (9th c.) (Feb 11)
Theophano, wife of Leo the Wise (Dec 16)
Basil I the Macedonian (Aug 29)
Nicephoros II Phocas (Dec 11)
Irene, wife of John II Comnen (Aug 13)
Manuel II Paleologus (Jul 21)
St Patientia (Hypomonia) Helena Dragases, wife of Manuel II (Apr 5 and May 29)
John III Vatatzes (Nov 4)


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